Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr30~Lion Bento

Is been quite long that I don't purchase sausages. I might just give them one sausage for their bento once awhile won't harm right? Today I'm sharing some tutorial sausage too and you can visit at HERE. I managed to snap some step by step with poor quality =_=" Hope you able to understand. I get this lion sausage ideas from one the Japanese sausages tuturial.
Here the close up lion sausages. The head make from fishballs, sausage, crabstick and nori. I didn't secure the sausage with spaghetti since it stay so firm after I arrange on top of the rice :p 
For side dishes have gyoza, pea sprouts, pan-fried quail egg and checker apple at another lion container.  

I hope you today's bento sharing and I'm using Monbento lunch box ^_^ Have a nice day!

monbento bentos & accessories


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