Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr29~Miffy Thermos Bento

Quick and easy bento for today using thermos set, my sweetie girl always love to use separate container thermos set ^_^ But give me a headache due to limited space for decoration  =_=" 
Luckily I have Miffy cookie cutter! Yay, help me a lot that I don't have to think at all or create! haha....
Here's the close up Miffy ^_^ I use cheese since the bottom are rice. Add furikake at side and lay the Miffy cheese on top. For red dress, I use crabstick (red part). Easy right? Cut out nori for Miffy face details. All done!
As for side dishes have pea sprouts, eggplants and minced meat. Some grapes for dessert ^_^

Gosh..... Makes me hungry after took the pictures :p

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