Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar18~Cinderella Bento

Last weekend I brought my girl to watch Cinderella movie ^_^ Just the two of us! Felt so blessed to have a daughter to accompany me and leave my two men at home :D It was a nice movie and although we already knew the ending but still nice to watched at big screen! 
Before the movie start has a short Frozen Fever trailer. My girl can't wait for the Frozen 2!!! She was super thrilled :D Looks like I need to make one Frozen Bento for her soon....
Here's the close up of Cinderella ^_^ I just make a simple one and she's look chuuby. Lol! Mix some tomato ketchup for face/body/hands/glass shoe (suppose to use white rice for the glass shoe but don't want to waste the balance rice so let it be) Blue rice is mix with blue pea flower extract. Decorate with nori details. I don't have butterfly puncher so I use clover puncher and scissor cut it half to make it as butterflies for Cinderella dress. 
For side dishes have quail eggs as rats, pea sprout, gyoza, and carrot as pumpkin :) I pack along some grapes at smaller container (not in the picture).

I hope you like my Cinderella Bento. Have a lovely day ahead!

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