Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar10~Hello Kitty Pancake

I always want to try out making design pancake after saw some talented friends at my Instagram. If you have instagram or FB do check out "Bellchan_cooking_bento" awesome creations! I add the FB link HERE ^_^ 
Since is Tuesday with less foods so I decided to have making pancakes but what an ugly Hello Kitty =_=" Gosh..... I make four pieces but end up only one presentable :p  I think the strawberry Kitty-chan much more prettier! Hahaha...

So long have not make this strawberry Hello Kitty with apple inside. If you have the semi-circle curve tools can easily scoop out the apple and strawberry. Just remove the strawberry then add the apple. Very easy! Lastly add in nori for the details.

As for Hello Kitty pancake, I'm sure some of you can see some tutorial from youtube how make. Just add some of the pancake mixture with cocoa powder. I pour the brown mixture to a sauce bottle so that I can draw out the design. Sorry that I don't have time to do the picture tutorial because all of my bento lunch did it early morning with limited time. No camera man to help me hahaha 

Anyway, I put some kaya jam at the sauce container for her to spread pancakes. Have a lovely day!

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  1. The pancakes so cute! Love the strawberry Hello Kitty too!


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