Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb26~Hello Kitty Daruma

This is my first attempt making Daruma Doll ^_^ I make a mini Hello Kitty Daruma since my thermos lunch box small. Will try to make again for a bigger Daruma version :D In the meantime, hope you enjoy today's post!

Here is the close up Hello Kitty Daruma ^_^ The red part is make from red capsicum. For Kitty-chan, I use crabstick for the face and nori for the details. As for yellow part, I use eggyolk (took some out from hard boiled egg).
For side dishes have ginger chicken, pea sprouts, hard boiled egg, some ginger sweet sauce at the small container. As for desserts have cherry, mandarin orange and homebaked pineapple tarts ^_^

Have a lovely Thursday!


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