Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb25~Bonbonribbon CNY Bento

My daughter likes this Sanrio Bonbon Ribbon soft plush that I bought from Japan Tokyo. Bonbonribbon is a pink rabbit with a pink ribbon bow on her head and some other parts of the body. I didn't know Sanrio have so many kawaii characters until I shop around in Japan spotted so many soft plush ^_^ As per request from my girl, I decided to make one with CNY theme bento for her. 

Here is the closer look of Bonbonribbon. To make the rice pink, I add sakura denbu mix with rice and shape it using cling wrap. Punch out nori for the details and freehand scissor cut nori lashes for the eyes! Ribbons make from crabstick that I use cutter to cut and secure it with spaghetti.

For side dishes have pea sprouts, prawn, pandan chicken wrap, fish finger with oat and cherry. I also carve out apple for the year of goat/sheep chinese word "羊" Have a blessed day!


  1. Both the plush and the bento are so kawaii!

  2. 好可爱!也好喜欢你的雕刻“羊”^^

  3. Bon Bon Ribbon is adorable! Love your apple carving, so neatly done!


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