Monday, 2 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb02~Bear Bento

If you've followed my blog or visited last week Monday that I had made Hello Kitty Sleeping bento. This round I make Bear sleeping with Rilakkuma as bolster ^_^ Do you hug a bolster while you sleep? I do :p And when I'm away my daughter will replace me by just hugging my bolster. Lol! 

Here's the close up Bear made from pan-fried mashed potato. Cut out button mushroom for eyes and add nori details. Carrots for ears and legs. Punch out paw nori and add onto the carrot. As for blanket, I just cut out stars and replace egg whites.

For side dishes have broccoli, chicken cutlet and oranges slices.

I hope you like today's Bear Bento post ^_^ Happy Monday!

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