Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bento2015#Jan29~Pusheen Bento

My daughter likes this emoticon from Facebook and during my trips, she will send cute emoticons to chat with me online or using Line chat ^_^ Everyday never missed chatting with me and my hubby complained that what about him? Haha....He even told me everyday must charged his handphone or else low battery because of my daughter used his handphone everyday!

So today's bento lunch I made Mama pusheen and baby pusheen for her ^_^ 

Both Pusheen made from black sesame mix with rice and shape them using cling wrap. Cut out nori for the details. 
Pan-fried mashed potatoes coated with bread crumbs, broccoli, quail egg (hiding) carrots and some mayonnaise.
Simple bento hope you like it!


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