Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb04~Valentine's Day Hello Kitty & Daniel

My first Valentine's Day bento for year 2015 ^_^ I bought the Hello Kitty furikake during my Taiwan trips. Happen to shop some Taiwan goodies and spotted this furikake! Lucky me :D Too bad I can't get it here =_=" 
Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel made of mashed potato and I mixed with some cheese powder. Roll and shape into Hello Kitty then add nori for all details. Corns for nose and crabstick for red bow. The orange rice, I just mixed with the furikake and it taste wonderful!
I also made one onigiri and wrap with cling wrap. Some grapes for her desserts and my daughter likes grapes!
For side dishes, soya sauce chicken and pea sprouts. I hope you like it!

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