Monday, 24 November 2014

Bento2014#Nov24~Panda Onigiri

During the weekend I did some spring cleaning and re-arrange my bento gadgets ^_^ Saw some rice moulds that has been kept for ages :D So why not cute lazy panda for today's Monday Blues! Lol!
Here's the close up Panda Onigiri ^_^ Shape the panda using panda rice mould and freehand scissor cut out the nori details! I add ribbon food pick for female panda :D Is like Family Panda for 4 pandas and my daughter saw it said it's us ^_^ Hahaha....yes and she has pink ribbon <3
For side dishes have pan-fried fish fillet (cut into half for my son's bento box), quail eggs as pandas too! Pea sprouts and underneath panda onigiri, I add fish floss.

Hope this cute mini pandas brighten up your Monday Blues! 


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