Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bento2014#Nov20~Big Hero 6 Baymax

After my daughter gets well, my turn to get sick =_=" Today I'm feeling much better but still overslept to prepared bento this morning. We're going to watch Big Hero 6 coming weekend so why not making Baymax for her lunch ^_^ I've watched the trailer and baymax really attracts my attention! So cute and I'm sure my family going to enjoy watching it! No doubt!
To made Baymax, I shaped it using cling wrap and freehand cut out nori for very easy details ^_^ Side dishes have broccoli, inari, meat patties with cheese melted on top. I wanted to add nori details for the patties as football but run out of time :( 

Well, hope you like it this simple bento. Happy Thursday!


  1. I love this bento! i love Baymax after i watched the movie yesterday,sure you all would enjoy the movie:)
    Take care and get well soon.

    1. Yes, my family had a great time with Baymax ^_^ Thank you Wan Wan!

  2. Cutee Baymax! Glad to hear you are better. Very sure you will enjoy the movie, we all love it!

  3. cute baymax bento! speedy recovery and feel better soon!!

  4. Very cute Baymax! Speedy recovery!

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