Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bento2014#Nov04~Hello Kitty Quail Egg

Again I'm using another Thermos for today's lunch. Cooked some fried rice and I just add quail eggs for decoration. I prefer to made a theme by matching the lunch box so since is Hello Kitty so I transform the quail eggs into Kitty-chan ^_^
Here's the closer look of my Hello Kitty quail eggs. After boiled the quail eggs, I didn't roll the eggs while still warm into Hello Kitty face shape so is little too late when the eggs cold =_=" Oh well, after adding the details still presentable ^_^ I use cutter for cherry design made of crabstick and edamame for stem. Corn for Kitty-chan nose and lastly add the ribbon food pick.
For side dishes just sweet corn, edamame and an apple (will pack at Hello Kitty ziploc bag)

Today is my 39th Blessed Birthday ^_^ Wish I'm 29th :D Hahaha! I want to share with you my first TOMICA collections after saw my fellow bento friends taking pictures together with their bento. Too cute that I'm so regret should have buy during my Japan trips! Anyway, this was purchased from Toy's R us that my daughter spotted. This was the last piece and I'm lucky to bring it home ^_^ Hubby bought Rilakkuma and others too!  



  1. Happy Blessed Birthday lovely Karen!! :)
    The HK thermos bento looks fantastic and yummy, love it!

    1. Aww....thank you so much my dear ^_^ Sorry for the late reply :p


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