Monday, 3 November 2014

Bento2014#Nov03~Miffy Bento

It's month of November already??? Not my month because it's my birthday month =_=" When I'm young will looked forward birthday month but after marriage and as a mother....makes me want to turn back the clock....can't right? it's my kids turn to looked forward to their birthday month! 
Today lunch I made cute Miffy using Miffy Thermos sets. So far this set just nice for my daughter's tummy portion but I'm not sure when she reach Secondary Level in two years time, will she wants to bring cute bento? Hmm....I doubt so :D 

Here's the close up Miffy :) I add a bow to make it cuter! I cooked soba noodles with sweet sauce (my girl prefers sweet) To made Miffy, I shape onigiri for head and the rest of the ears and hands. Nori for the details. Is very simple to made Miffy details!
For side dishes have pan fried chicken cutlet (coated with breadcrumbs), broccoli, button mushroom, carrots (cut into star shape using cutter). Watermelon at another container ^_^
Ta-da....Simple Miffy Bento lunch. Hope you like it!

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