Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Bento2014#Nov05~Happy Snoopy

Ideas from the Snoopy lunchbox ^_^ Been busy learning how to crochet after bought Amigurumei Hello Kitty crochet book but honestly speaking, I've no basic so is quite hard for me to understand where & how to start? Hahaha....luckily I managed to pick up some basic info from many awesome people shared at Youtube (Thank you) Finally I understand how to read and start busy! In the other hand, end up no time to sketch one night before bento because been carried away as I can't wait to see the finish craft. Any idea which character I will start for this crochet? Hehe....
Well, I can't fit the ears as same as the lunchbox cover so just freely add in to fit in the box ^_^ To shape into Snoopy, I use cling wrap and shape it! Freehand scissor cut out nori details.
Side dishes: Dark sweet sauce chicken, spinach, kamaboko. 

Hope you like it! Have a great day ahead!


  1. I love Snoopy--and dark sweet sauce chicken! How do you make your chicken?

    1. Aww.....thank you ^_^ The dark sweet sauce chicken just my simple dishes without follow any recipe :p hahaha Mainly ingredients are: chicken marinate with soy sauce & cornstarch (cover and let it rest for 30mins), Stir fried garlic, onion then add in the marinate chickens. Let it fried little bit on both side of the chicken then add in water and cover with lid. Wait for about few minutes, stir the chicken and add in some dark sweet sauce (for sweet taste) as well some mirin (Japanese rice wine). Taste it with your preference desire of sweetness or salty. If you prefer ticker sauce can just add cornstarch, if not just add water for more stew.
      Hope you able to understand my humble recipe and I don't measure because I just taste it to see enough or not :D Hahaha....Anyway, hope you like it!


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