Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct30~Hello Kitty Ghosts

Tomorrow is Halloween Day celebration at her school and usually no bento for every Friday so this will be my final Halloween 2014 bento ^_^ Last year my daughter dressed up as fairy but this year she will dressed up as Pumpkin Witch Costume (Bought it during my Bangkok Trip) Pretty sure she can't wait for tomorrow and I need to do some make up for her since the school organize Halloween Costume Contest every year. 
Well, today's bento I made Hello Kitty Ghosts with vampire wings??? Last year I did Hello Kitty Ghost Family (click HERE) so this round just combine with vampire wings/horns after all Hello Kitty always look cute right? Haha...
Here's the close up Hello Kitty Ghost with innocent look :D Freehand scissor cut out the nori details. I shape the rice into ghost using cling wrap. The red horns made from crabstick.
Repeat the methods and I just changed the eyes expression *wink* I know my daughter still prefers cute Halloween theme ^_^ The bat nori, I use bat puncher. The rest freehand scissor cut.
For side dishes have dark sweet sauce drumette, pea sprouts (bottom), sauce (Hello Kitty container), tamagoyaki (roll into triangle shape and mixed with some blue pea flower juice to make it green) and watermelon (use Hello Kitty cookie cutter)
Simple and kawaii Halloween bento ^_^ I hope you enjoy reading and happy mid weekend.


  1. where did you purchase the bat shape nori cutter. it's really cute

    1. Hi Kat!

      Sorry Kat I can't remembered where did I purchased the bat shape nori cutter. It's been quite long and normally when I saw something that's related to bento will purchased it.


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