Friday, 17 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct17~Totoro bento for ME

Opps....why I update my blog on Friday? Normally no bento on Friday since kids half day session until 1.10pm in school ^_^ Well, this bento lunchbox is for ME! Yes it's my own bento for lunch in office course I'm working full day until 5pm. Usually I'll pick up my kids on Friday then lunch together but today is hubby's bonding lunch time with them ^_^ So instead of eating out I thought of prepare bento for today. Hmm....actually just normal fried rice then later on I start making characters =_=" My hubby saw me and said: Wah....make your own lunch still can't help it without characters? Hahaha....itchy hands :p
Here's the close up Totoro ^_^ Simple tomato egg fried rice then I made Totoro out of Inari. Freely penknife cut out Totoro shape then just add the details. Eyes/mouth made from cheese with nori. I wanted to made an umbrella but no time course this was unprepared design so didn't wake up early :D
Here's another container with few cute Chibi Totoro made from cheese and nori too!  Freehand scissor cut out for the details.
I can take my meals without meat but vegetables is a MUST for every meals or else I'll feel less satify.....hahaha 
Just broccoli, sweet pea and slice of oranges. 
Bon appetit! I'll enjoy my bento lunch later and looks like will be my first time ^_^ 

Thank you so much for reading and next week onwards will enjoy my bento break! Yay! No need to wake up early :D 

Have a blessed weekend dear all readers :)


  1. So nice! Good to make kawaii meals for ourselves sometimes too.

  2. Wow! looks yummy!!一定吃在嘴里,甜在心里,哈^^

  3. Love your Totoro bento! Very cute and looks so yummy!

  4. That's beautiful, thinking of getting some ideas from you. Thanks for sharing and you have a lovely family :)

    Cathy Vargas
    Vintage Girls

    1. Thank you so much Cathy ^_^ I'm glad that you like it!


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