Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep04~My Neighbor Totoro

Last night dinner still have leftover cooked meat patties so today's lunch bento I just transform the meat patty into Totoro character ^_^ After done I almost forgot to add Totoro whiskers =_=" So last minute add on the soba noodles without toast (suppose to use spaghetti to toast) Oh least the Totoro look perfect with whiskers!

Here is the closer look of My Neighbor Totoro ^_^ Underneath Totoro is egg yolk mixed with rice then arrange the pea sprout at the bottom. Lastly add the meat patty Totoro on top together with Totoro Chibi made of hard boiled egg (freehand penknife cut out the shape). Add on cheese, nori for all the details. Crabstick (red part) for background to look more lively!

Side dishes: sweet corn, gyoza and mini mandarin orange. I also made one Makkuro Kurosuke (also call as black soots or dust bunnies)

Hope you will today's theme ^_^ Happy Thursday!

Bento Lunchbox


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    1. Aww...thank you very much dear 婉婉 ^_^ Your kids also blessed!

  2. What a cute and delicious lunch! So creative to transform cooked meat into Totoro, I love the idea.:)

    1. Thank you very much dear Rina ^_^ So happy that you like the idea!!! It means a lot to me :) Hugs....


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