Friday, 5 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep05~Hello Kitty Yoda

Opps....sort out my photo albums from my PC and notice this Hello Kitty Yoda have not post yet. Luckily today is Friday no bento lunch for them so I can update this bento that I made it during kids school holidays after making Hello Kitty Star Wars theme. Done Princess Leia & Trooper. In case you've missed my earlier posts can just click at the highlighted words. 
Hello Kitty Yoda made of green seaweed powder (I purchased one packet from organic shop) Freely spoon pour the seaweed powder onto the rice to made Yoda face. I add inari as the cape as well the bow. Corn for nose and nori for details.

Side dishes: chicken fillet (breadcrumbs coating), fishcake, broccoli, carrots and mini grapes.

My Hello Kitty as Yoda looks awkward right? Hahaha....well this was eaten at home so basically I'm not sure whether the seaweed powder will stay on if I pack for school ^_^ 

Hope you will still like it though :D 

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