Monday, 4 August 2014

Hello Kitty Star Wars Princess Leia

Today's lunch at home, I made Star Wars theme foodart and this round is Princess Leia ^_^ Once again I made Hello Kitty dressed up as Princess Leia :) I don't quite like Kitty-chan's hands as they look so thin and don't match the body =_=" Oh daughter already can't wait to eat!! So skip redo the hands...

Shape two onigiri, one for Hello Kitty head and the other one as body. Red dress made from crab stick. Hair bun made from rice wrap nori. To let it stand, I insert double spaghetti for head & body but still will drop =_=" In the end, the chicken & mini mug handle support Hello Kitty :D

Lastly, the plate looks plain so I decorate Hello Kitty faces by sprinkle some cocoa powder at side (using HK gadgets view picture below).

Ta-daa......lunch is serve!!! Nom nom nom....Happy Monday!



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