Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tea break : Black Sesame Pancake芝麻麥煎

Yesterday not working so stayed at home did some baking and cooked lunch for my kids ^_^ If you've missed my yesterday lunch post "Hello Kitty Princess Leia" Just click HERE

Kids helped out making this Black Sesame Pancake芝麻麥煎 for their tea break but after done almost ate it all :D Looks like they can't wait to taste!!! Anyway, I followed this recipe by 厨房一只柴 mobile dodocook多多开伙 App or you can view at this LINK ^_^ I changed the flour to Pancake Mix since I don't have Low protein flour at home as well I didn't add peanut花生 :p So basically just simple ingredients that I'm using with little changes (lack of ingredients at home =_=")

Pancake Ingredients: *Recipe by 厨房一只柴 at dodocook.com
  • 150g    Pancake Mix Flour
  • 1          Large Egg
  • 15g      Castor sugar 
  • 25g      Honey
  • 120ml  Cold water
  • 15ml    Olive oil
  • 1 tbsp   Green Tea powder (optional)
Fillings Ingredients:
  • 1 tbsp   Black sesame powder
  • 1 tbsp   Brown sugar (I don't have black sugar so use brown sugar instead)
Methods: *You can view the tutorial pictures from the link*
  1. Mix egg, castor sugar, honey. Beat until bubbles.
  2. Add cold water then mix well.
  3. Add pancake mix flour then mix well.
  4. Divide the batter half and one half mix with the green tea powder if making double colours pancake.
  5. Low heat non stick pan (I still spray some oil on top), pour 1st half of batter then 2nd half of green tea batter. Cover and maintain low heat.
  6. Mix the black sesame powder & brown sugar.
  7. Wait until the batter have small holes can spread the fillings on top.
  8. Once the bottom batter brown can fold it half to close.
  9. Remove pancake from the pan and let it cool.
My first attempt and no matter how it looks, my kids said "YUMMY" and request to make mini pancake with more fillings next round!!! Haha....


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