Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep03~Tiger Bento comes the tame Tiger Bento ^_^ Inspired by the kamaboko tiger that I've bought it at Aeon Shopping Mall. So excited to spot two types of animals kamaboko and wish that they will restock in future. If possible more animals choices for me to buy (haha....I'm greedy). 

To made tiger yellow, just add half of the egg yolk (from hard boiled egg) to mix the rice since my tiger is small :) The egg white for tiger white parts and nori for black stripes as well all the details. Toasted spaghetti for whiskers! Arrange the head and body first then follow by broccoli. Last minute decided to add some chicken floss to fill up the holes ^_^ 

Side dishes: Airfry chicken drumette, tiger kamaboko, quail egg underneath the mini grapes.

Simple tiger bento pack in Monbento lunchbox. Bon-appetit! 

Bento box
  monbento bentos & accessories


  1. So cute! matching tiger kamaboko too~!

    1. Thank you very much dear Shirley ^_^ I'm lucky & hopefully our local Aeon shopping mall will continue stock up more Japanese stuffs. Since I hardly drive to SG only can hope JB side :D


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