Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hello Kitty Pancake Breakfast & Bangkok Trips Photos

I'm back from my family trips to Bangkok ^_^ Had a great getaway with shopping, eating, walking & sweating!!! Haha...yes was super HOT!!! Today I'm at home with my kids (still school holidays) so thought of making breakfast and also update my blogs ^_^ Looks like I had gone away for long..... Well, to make up I will share some of the Hello Kitty House Bangkok photos after this breakfast :) Hope you could enjoy reading.
To make a quick breakfast, I use Cornell Hello Kitty Sandwich Toaster to make pancakes ^_^ It's been awhile have not use :D Just mixed the pancake mix flour and pour to the sandwich toaster if you have it. Easy and perfect pancakes turned out ^_^ Lovely right?
Pour some caramel syrups and decorate some salad & fruits. Ta-da...yummy breakfast is done!

I started queuing at 9.45am and the shop open at 10am but.....the staff came out apologize to wait for another 15minutes. So overall 10.15am we're inside ^_^ We got our table number and what we did was taking pictures before heading our table! Haha....Since we're the 2nd one who go in and no customer sitting around, better grab the chance to take photos!!! Let's enjoy the photos below :)
Let my kids sat down at our table number first and I need to queue up to purchase yummy drinks or cakes. We had our heavy breakfast at our hotel so this round will just light snacks. Most customers I saw mainly to eat their breakfast sets! Hmm....too bad our tummy can't filled in more foods =_="
After purchased they will served the foods to our table. So let's explore more.....hubby's job to take pictures ^_^
Yay, here's our ordered: From the left Iced Latte; Red Velvet Cupcake; Green Tea Cupcake & Kitty Smoothies ^_^ The cupcakes were yummy and I loved the green tea :P
After the foods, we went to the ground floor to explore the Hello Kitty Shop & Spa. Sadly, nothing much things to see...
To visit Hello Kitty House Bangkok, here is the details (*note: this is my personal sharing and if you stay at Novotel Siam Square Hotel will easily find this Hello Kitty House)

Dream House (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
388 Siam Square One Building
LG, 1st & 2nd Floor, Rama I Road,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Tel: +66 (0)2-115-1335  Fax: +66 (0)2-115-1339


  1. Lovely breakfast!luv yr Hello Kitty dinnerware too!
    Thks for sharing Hello Kitty House Bangkok,looks fun!!

    1. Thank you my dear ^_^ My pleasure to shared since was a kawaii cafe to visit if you plan to go Bangkok :)


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