Monday, 25 August 2014

Bento2014#Aug25~Back to School Hello Kitty Rice Burger

My kids one month school holidays is over and now I'm back to normal bento routine ^_^ To start out happily, I think Hello Kitty will be my first choice!! Hope you will like it and won't get bored! Because I know my sweet girl won't get bored :D So instead of making normal Kitty-chan, I made mini rice burger. 

Here's the close up of my mini Hello Kitty Rice Burgers ^_^ Just pressed the rice as two rice burger shape by using cling wrap. Add nori, corn and crabstick for all the details. To made burgers, just add your favourite fillings :) I add mini meat patties, lettuce, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. For the cherry cup container, I add quail egg as Hello Kitty and arrange the sweet corns as sunflower ^_^

Thank you for spending time reading my post and I hope to bring more bento creations after my long rest holidays.....hopefully my hands & minds still able to create hahaha :D 

Have a nice day ahead!


  1. So kawaii!! Love all your hello kitty creations!

    1. aww.....thank you so much Ming! So happy to hear from your compliments ^_^


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