Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun26~Sugarbunnies Kurousa Costume

Okay....this should be the last Sanrio character costume girl for the time being :p I want to make other theme as Sanrio characters still have few more to pause for few weeks then only continue making my costume girl again :D Well, today's lunch is about Sugarbunnies ^_^ There are many different sugarbunnies in Sanrio characters, but twin bunnies seem popular :) Brown bunny called Kurousa and white bunny called Shirousa. Today I chose the brown bunny Kurousa as the brown colour can easily stand out as a costume.

Here's the closer look of Kurousa Costume Girl ^_^ To made brown Kurousa, I mix the rice with dark sweet sauce. As for the girl, I mix the rice with ketchup. Scissor cut out the nori for the details and  penknife cut out the kamaboko (pink part) for Kurousa's ears. 

For side dishes: Chicken seaweed wrap, star fishcakes, tamagoyaki, lettuce, sweet peas and checker apple.

Hope you like today's costume girl theme. Happy Thursday! 

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