Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bento2014#Jun25~Keroppi Costume Girl

Do you like Sanrio Keroppi character? Today's lunch continue making costume girl theme bento ^_^ As per request from my daughter, she wants Keroppi this time and what's more she even told me this week Sanrio characters!! Lol..... I just do the sketching and the making :D I hope you won't get bored of reading or looking at this costume girl =_=" By this week I should able to finished it and will start making others on next week.  After all, she's the one who eating right? She's happy & I'm happier ^_^

Here's the close up Keroppi Costume Girl ^_^ I tried to make the Keroppi stand out this time instead of laying on the bento box. To support it, I add rice at the bottom then only put the shaped Keroppi on top. To make Keroppi green, I mix the rice with edamame & broccoli. For girl face, mix rice with ketchup and add nori for details. As for Keroppi body, I use crabstick at the body and add the red part as the strips.

For side dishes: soy sauce drumette, okra with chikuwa, edamame and eggsheet.

I hope you will like this cute Keroppi Costume Girl ^_^ Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Your daughter must love the costume series! lovely bento as always~


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