Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr23~Cutezcute Froggy Bento

Here's my yesterday bento lunch that I've mentioned on my previous post ^_^ If you're in a rush and want to make cute bento for your kids....use cute mould to shape it! Not just bread but rice too! I did made few designed using cookie cutter as well Cutezcute cutters! Click HERE & HERE for my past post using Cutezcute :)

To matched my froggy bento box, I shaped the rice as froggy too! Mixed the rice with green furikake (a bit dark green as I don't have light green) After mixed well, used cling wrap to wrap the rice then put to the Cutezcute mould to shape. Lastly, take the froggy cutter to cut out carrots for the details. Simple right? 

Note: After done phototakings, I covered it and the carrots fits inside the rice & makes it perfect! I didn't pressed it before add the bento cover but happen that can't close tightly so no other choice by pressing it. When I open and check see what happen with the carrots.....ended all fits right to the rice :D hahaha....just sharing as I didn't take another picture of it!

Side dishes have soy sauce chicken drumettes, cucumber, carrots, chicken floss and checker apple.

I hope you will like this Cutezcute Froggy Bento and if you have the cutter and create more other characters! Is fun ^_^ 


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