Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr22~Little Girl bento

So long didn't make girl character bento especially my darling girl always dream to have curly hair ^_^ Is pretty normal when you have straight hair and will envy those who has natural curl but they will think the opposite way :D This bento was made yesterday for her lunch bento, and little curly hair was soba (spend quite some times to made due to will break easily while I tried to curl)

  • Girl : rice mixed with ketchup
  • Hair : soba
  • Dress : cucumber and broccoli
  • Freehand nori cut for details and imitation crabstick (red) for hair deco
Not much of side dishes as I spend longer time on her hair =_=" And I was rushing time to send kids to school so I just packed chicken floss at the sauce container, grapes and beancurd wraps. 

Happy Tuesday and today's lunch  I made froggy but will post it next day ^_^ Stay tuned!



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