Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr01~Cutezcute Panda

Every Tuesday my daughter needs less food for lunch so I'm making sandwiches ^_^ The simple way is to use sandwich cutter!! Quick and easy so Panda theme will be perfect for today cause I want to made cute Panda quail egg too :)

Here is my close up Panda quail egg ^_^ I insert ribbon pick to secure both quail eggs together then I add nori for Panda details. To beautify the pandas, I add red & yellow capsicum as belt. I use small capsicum so that I cut a ring shape.

For Cutezcute Panda sandwiches, I spread tuna mixed with capsicum and mayo for extra taste. The panda sauce container, I add some kiwi fruits :)

I hope you will like today simple Panda theme bento. Happy Tuesday!


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