Thursday, 13 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb13~Smurfette Love

La la la la comes Smurfette singing with LOVE as tomorrow will be Happy Valentine's Day ^_^ My daughter loves Smurfette among all the smurfs and pretty sure you will know why??? Ha ha ha.....very obvious because she a female!! Actually I didn't do any sketched last night due to quite busy with my office worked so pretty tired to think & draw  =_=" The idea of making Smurfette was the blue glutinous rice :) My mum passed me some of the Nyonya steamed blue glutinous rice last night and my mind was thinking......hmm....Smurfette is BLUE!!! Haha...

Normally this Nyonya steamed blue glutinous rice eats together with kaya so I did add some at the small bunny sauce container. Instead of making egg sheet for her hair, I add yellow capsicum :p Crabstick for hat and eyes. The rest of the details for nori will be freehand scissor cut ^_^ Red capsicum for heart shape as well some broccoli at the side.

I hope you will like my simple Smurfette design ^_^ Have a great day!! Hugs!


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