Monday, 14 October 2013

Bento#Oct14~Dora the Explorer Thermos

I bought this Dora the Explorer Thermos during sale period. Pretty good bargain and this used to be my daughter's favourite cartoon shows! So I made simple porridge lunch for her ^_^ This time I cooked chicken porridge and add chicken floss on top! Yums!
I draw Dora face on a baking sheet then scissor cut together with nori (follow the outline). Next, I add the Dora nori hair onto the cheese then I used toothpick to cut out the face and body. Freehand scissor cut out the nori for eyes, nose and mouth :D Lastly, I decorate the hair and body with eggsheet and crab stick ^_^ I missed out the nori outline for the ribbon =_=" To cut the ribbon, I used cutter.
 Here is the Dora the Explorer Thermos ^_^ Nice pretty sky blue colour! I followed the Dora image from this Thermos except the bag pack, I used red colour stripes :)
Few slices of star fruits at another container. The small container comes with 3 different animals container (Lion, Rabbit, Bear). I hope you will like this simple Dora the Explorer porridge thermos lunch ^_^ Happy Monday!

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  1. Dora is super cute and I love the idea that you added the floss above the porridge! I may have to copy your clever idea :)

    1. Aww...I'm happy to hear that Rina ^_^ Thanks for loved the idea and I look forward to your creation :)

  2. Dora is so cute! One of my kids' favourite cartoons.


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