Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bento#Oct16~Flower Blooming Bento

Today's post will be "Flower Blooming Bento" Simple and quick bento that I don't have to cooked fried rice for this bento! The brown rice was cooked rice mixed with dark sweet sauce and furikake. I just made egg sheet and transform them to flower shapes. Arrange steamed okra as stem and small okra decorate it on top of chikuwa. Beautify them with insects food picks ^_^ And you can easily make a simple lunch bento for your little ones!
For side dishes, I add broccoli, sausage cut into heart shape and Figo brands fish paste ball. Finally add few animal/mushroom picks sponsored by Bento Berries ^_^ I hope you will like this simple lunch bento and have a nice Wednesday!

What I've used:


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