Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bento#Oct08~Piggies Inari & Domokun Inari

Today I packed Inari sushi for my kids school lunch break. I don't understand why the school make it every Tuesday, out of 40 minutes lunch break, all student only have 10 minutes to finish up their meals and line up to the hall for extra curriculum =_=" Argh....pity those students who queuing for their meals!!! So my kids have reminded me again last night! "Mummy, please don't pack so much foods!" So today for not being hungry even though must pack less....I made inari sushi ^_^ The above "piggies inari" bento lunch for my girl. Haha....with pretty eye lashes must be for a girl bento right?
Here is my boy's favourite character "Domokun Inari" Crabstick for the huge mouth and punch out the nori for eyes! Well, I hope you will like today's simple Inari sushi lunch ^_^ Happy Tuesday!


  1. Super cute and yummy! I felt so hungry last night when I saw these on your fb page ;)

    1. Haha...I know coz it happen to me when I saw your yummy bento too! Thanks Rina ^_^


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