Monday, 7 October 2013

Bento#Oct07~Hello Kitty Swims

Hello everyone! How's everyone weekend? I'm sure you all had a great weekend right? Today's lunch will be "Hello Kitty Swims" ^_^ This time I just mixed the rice with Japanese sweet sauce with furikake. No porridge :p I want the Hello Kitty to be on top so if I cook porridge afraid might sink down :D
Here is the closer look of the Hello Kitty ^_^ After boiled the quail egg peel off the shell then rub the egg while still hot into ball shape. Next I cut into half, one for the head and the other half for body. Take another quail egg and cut the ears and legs ^_^ Freehand scissor cut out the nori for Kitty-chan face and eggyolk for nose (too tiny so won't  be able to have a nice cut). The swim float made of sweet bean curd skin or inari. Decorated with crab stick!
For side dishes: Pan fried seafood beancurd, broccoli wrap by inari, gyoza, plum and grapes.
Well, I hope you will like this simple lunch bento ^_^ Gosh.....don't you feel like jump to the pool right away after see my kawaii Kitty-chan swims? Haha...Happy Monday!

Tools that I used:


  1. Love the idea of a swimming Hello Kitty. Her float is so cute!

    1. Aww...thanks for your sweet words Jean ^_^


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