Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bento#Oct09~Totoro & Chick Bento

Today's lunch bento cooked Nissin Japanese Ramen (Instant Noodle) ^_^ I want to made My Neighbor Totoro theme bento only but I don't have the time to decorate the hard boiled egg as Totoro so end up I decorate as CHICK =_=" Oh well, my star chick still looks cute right?
Turn the cocktail sausages into Totoro. Cheese, nori and toasted spaghetti for all the Totoro details. Broccoli at the bottom and decorate with leaf picks for Totoro head ^_^
Cut the hard boiled egg into half. I did used the star shape egg mould to shape and the yolk turn out pretty well that I wanted to made Totoro as well but....not enough time so I turn it into pretty chick! Punch out the nori using puncher except the eye lashes ^_^
Well, I hope you will like today's lunch bento "Totoro & Chick" bento ^_^ Have a nice day to you all :)

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  1. So cute! Love the little sausage Totoro.

  2. Adorable chick!!! ^_^

    How do you use an egg mould? Do you boil the egg normally or boil for less time?

    1. Thanks Miso bento!

      I boil the egg normally then remove the shell. After that while the hard boil egg still hot (careful), I put the egg to the egg mould. So make sure your egg size is big enough to get the perfect shape for the egg mould. After that soak the egg mould (egg inside) with cold water and leave it. The longer the better shape it will turn out or you can leave it at the fridge. I will leave it overnight so I don't have to rush the next morning but for this bento, I do it in the morning so you can see the star shape wasn't perfect!

      Hope this help :)

    2. ;) Oh I see. I will have to buy an egg mould then... :) I got to go bento shopping! Thanks Karenwee!

    3. Looking forward to your egg shape ^_^ Happy Bento Shopping!


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