Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bento#Oct01~Thermos Kitten Porridge

I been looking for this Thermos Hello Kitty Insulated Funtainer Food Jar for quite some time and now I managed to bought at Singapore Causeway Point ^_^ This make my girl excited to use it for her lunch bento so she requested porridge! Wow....didn't expected she will asked for porridge ^_^ So for her today's lunch, I cooked Salmon porridge :)
I like to match my bento theme with the Thermos Hello Kitty so I made kitten holds Hello Kitty pick as pet ^_^ To made the kitten, I roll the quail egg while still hot (after peel the shell) at my palm as round as possible then slice half then arrange on top of the parsley. Cut ears for kitten and hands too! Punch out nori for kitten face features and finished up with rosy cheeks! I add food red gel for cheeks ^_^
One packet of furikake for her to mix the porridge and some grapes for dessert ^_^ I hope you will like this simple lunch bento! Cheers! 

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  1. I love porridge and this looks yummy and the kitten on it is so cute, it is making me really hungry now!

  2. So cute! Love how you decorated the porridge!

  3. Oh...so pretty! Love this idea!

    1. Thanks Sannee! Happy that you love this idea ^_^


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