Monday, 30 September 2013

Bento#Sept30~Halloween Bunny Witch

If you've followed me at Instagram, I've posted few last year 2012 Halloween theme bento. So for today's lunch I'm making Halloween Bunny Witch :) One weird looking purple bunny! Haha.... I boiled the angle hair spaghetti and packed the sauce separately. 
Purple Bunny Witch: Mashed purple sweet potato
Bunny ears: Taiwanese sausages
Bunny red eyes: Crab stick
Bunny nose: Eggsheet
Witch hat: Cheese, nori, crabstick, eggsheet.  
Spaghetti sauce packed separately at small container underneath the fruits. 
Something light bento dishes for her lunch today ^_^ I hope you will still like this kawaii Halloween Bunny Witch bento! 

What I've used:


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