Friday, 27 September 2013

Bento#Sept27~Cutezcute Baby Night Owl Bento

Feeling excited when I get to know Cutezcute new released bento boxes! There are three designed and I love all three but at the moment I shall order the pink coloured Baby Night Owl first ^_^ The answer very obvious why I choose Baby Night Owl :p The other two bento were Baby Cool Penguin & Baby Ninja Panda. Feel free to browse All Things For Sale for more details. Okay, back to my daughter's dinner bento! She been asking me when can she use this Baby Night Owl bento box? Looks like she like it too so today's dinner I made pink owl onigiri for her ^_^
My pink owl onigiri ideas comes from Cutezcute Baby Night Owl Bento box ^_^ Isn't the baby owl bento box adorable? Sweet pink colour and really cute owl designed! Not only designed for bento use but also can be home meal bowls. Awesome right?
Simple dishes that I cooked for my family so I arranged it to the bento box. If you are packing for school bento then the above picture for fruits section bowl will be the cover so please don't add any foods ^_^ I add fruits due to having dinner meals at home :) To made pink owl, I add pink furikake mixed with rice then take cling wrap to shape it. Finished up with nori and cheese for the details. The yellow part can be replace as eggsheet for better result! Well, I hope you will like today's dinner bento post! Happy Friday!

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