Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bento#Oct02~My Melody Lunch

It's been awhile that I've not use this My Melody lunch box so today's lunch theme definitely goes to "My Melody" :D Pretty easy and quick lunch! 
To made My Melody: Arrange the rice and pressed firmly. I add fish floss in between of the rice. Next cut an oval shape baking paper and put on top of the rice before sprinkles pink furikake. Remove the baking paper then add the details of nori and eggsheet for nose. 
To made red ribbon: I use Hello Kitty cutter to cut out the crab stick (red part).
Flower cheese sausage, tamagoyaki cut as heart shape, grapes and star fruits for her side dishes ^_^ Well, I hope you will like this simpl idea of making My Melody! Cheers!

Bento tools I've used:


  1. so cute & nice idea for your My Melody :D
    I wondered what is the pinky part at the 1st sight on your FB post, now I know the answer... hehe

    1. Ya...thanks for drop by my blog to find out ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Ming ^_^ Glad that you love it!

  3. Love how you made My Melody, so creative!


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