Wednesday, 28 August 2013

「6種常備食材X媽媽愛的佳餚!」 Hippomum's recipe~Banana Bread pg.130


Today I'm going to share my 2nd tried out from Hippomum's new recipe book. My mum gave me some ripened banana so instead of making the same old recipe I thought of Hippomum's new recipe book pg. 130-131 since all the ingredients I have except one but it turns out really yummy!
Frankly speaking I'm not good on baking but Hippomum's recipe looks simple and easy to learn ^_^ So when you've over ripened banana don't forgot you still can bake banana bread instead of banana cake! 

I add more banana as I don't want to waste it so for Hippomum's Banana Bread can just used spatula to mixed even you don't have electric mixer at home ^_^ Sound great right? I like it because less washing baking tools :p Haha!
Time to bake and my dry kitchen smell wonderful when almost done!!! Even my two kids can't wait for me to slice :) 

Ta-da....yummy delicious Banana Bread recipe by Hippomum. Many more awesome recipe to try out so go grab one copy or click the below picture for online purchase :)


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