Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bento#July16~Totoro Sushi

~Totoro Sushi~
Totoro sushi is one of my to do lists but never get the courage to make it! Today's lunch I thought of give it a try but it turn out so messy =_=" I spend quite some time to amend so end up no time to add the body strips :( Sorry for the cheated strips using the photoscape software to drew out :p
Sausage and fishballs turn into Totoro. I just add nori, cheese and the cut out fishballs to made their eyes. Broccoli, crabroll, eggsheet as flower and half soy egg卤蛋. Actually, I wanted to make use of the soy egg to make another Totoro but again lack of time :(
Totoro sushi made from black sesame mixed with rice and some seasoning.
Eyes made from Konnyaku Yam cake rolled with nori
Whiskers: Freehand cut out nori

Practice makes perfect!! Going to try again ^_^ Cheers!  


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    1. Yes...tough but glad that still look like Totoro! *I think so :D Thanks Sannee


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