Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Pucca & Garu Tutorial

Hello everyone ^_^ Today I managed to have the extra time to take some photos for Pucca tutorial. I hope you will enjoy reading my post! Before I begin...sorry for my photo shooting skills as I still learning to capture the picturse for the tutorial :)

  • Seaweed, cheese, crabstick, draw Pucca on tracing paper and a pair scissor


  • This is the Pucca seaweed cut out

  • Put the Pucca seaweed on top of the cheese. 
  • Punch out the lips and add to the cheese. For Pucca eyes, freehand cut the lines.
  • Use toothpick to trim out Pucca cheese

  • Next, penknife cut out the Pucca body.

  • Put the crabstick body on top of the Pucca cheese/nori and finished all the outlines.
  • The cheeks was using food deco tube
Garu Tutorial 

Below is the finished bento snack for Garu & Pucca Kyaraben


  1. Ohh nooo this is soooo cute friend! Ailebiu

    1. Thank you so much dear glazsliper ^_^

  2. It is really cute ! One day i'll try... I'm a very novice in bento, but i love so much japan, bento and all !! ♥


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