Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bento#May15~Winnie The Pooh Kyaraben

I wanted to try out making Pooh Sushi but it didn't turn out well so changed to Pooh Onigiri ^_^ The not nice Pooh Sushi goes to my son bento box. Haha....
I mixed the rice with mashed egg yolk and use Pooh cookie cutter mold to shaped as onigiri. As for the brown rice, I mixed with sweet dark sauce. Arranged the Pooh onigiri in the middle then add the sweet brown rice. Punch out nori using puncher for Pooh details. Lastly, I cut out some kamaboko using heart shape cutter.  
For sides, I cooked some chicken cutlet and tamagoyaki as flower. Broccoli, sweet peas, sausage and some apple slices.
Simple lunch Winnie the Pooh Kyaraben for my daughter's school lunchbox. I hope you will like it too! Cheers!

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