Monday, 13 May 2013

Bento#May13A~Black & White Hello Kitty Bread

I hope tomorrow my daughter won't fever again as today she was in good condition but still having bad cough =_=" Well, as long no fever and can go back to school. She really missed her friends :) So for her tomorrow school snack, I saw this cute idea from Facebook bento group member ^_^ One of the wonderful mum made Rilakkuma Bento so I changed it to Hello Kitty Bento since my daughter like HK so much! 
Black HK was charcoal bread and White HK was wheat bread. Just used HK cookies cutter to cut out the breads and add all the details using bread instead of nori. The nose was cheese and I add some colored heart fondant as ribbon. Each bread spread some butter/jam.
Some honey cherry tomato, laughing cow strawberry cheese and a packet from Osaka banana snack. I hope you will like this cute Black & White HK bento snack! Cheers!


  1. I love HK myself and those are so cute!:) Glad to know your daughter is much better and pray she will recover fully soon!


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