Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Bento#May14~Cute Piggy & Penguin

Oh no....running out of ingredients for my kids lunch bento =_=" So today only "Man-tou馒头" for them :p My daughter finally can go back to school but still coughing. Thank you so much for those of you include prayers for my girl recovery ^_^
Simple cute piggy sausage, just add the ears on top and legs. Punch out nori for eyes and lips. Pink kamaboko for nose using cutter to cut. 
Another cute piggy with different eyes expression also using puncher to punch the nori. I just spread some butter for "Man-tou馒头" Gosh....today must go to wet market!!!
Some edamame, crabrolls, strawberries and kamaboko (the top pink coat cut away for piggy nose) Haha...
Here is another cute penguins sausages design for my son but I didn't cut well :( Running out of time to made two design bentos as I need to finished within one hour =_='' Almost want to give up posting or taking pictures of the penguins...but my son asked me why didn't take his bento photos? I think he already get used to it ever since my daughter unwell, I made design bento for his lunchbox :D
The cheese penguin look more like chick but I don't have the time to change! I did took away the cheese but too plain so for those of you making bento surely can do better than me. I just need the extra TIME. Anyway after taking photo of his bento, my son eats the cheese and took away all the picks before packing! *Faint*


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