Monday, 6 May 2013

Bento#May06A~Kitten eyeing at fishy

This is for my girl school snack bento ^_^ Instead of making Hello Kitty, I made a kitten eyeing at fishy :) I took a picture of the tools that I've used for this bento. Perhaps you would like to try out too! 
The black kitten was made from charcoal bread (bought from bakery shop). Cut out the white and charcoal bread so that it fits well to made into sandwich. I used cutter for all the small parts and stick them with chocolate spread or hazelnut. The whiskers were toasted spaghetti and the white tiny eyeballs were fondants. 
Fishy also used cutter to cut the egg sheet and I secured it with toasted spaghetti. For fishy tails or fins/scale, I used puncher to punch nori for the details. I put fishy on top of the charcoal bread.
 Here were the bento tools that I've used. Hope you able to understand ^_^
Simple snack for my girl and I hope you will like it too! Cheers!
By the way, Bento Monster having a Monbento Givaway. Do check out her blog linked:
Good Luck!


  1. Cute kitty cat! And brilliant idea to secure the fish with toasted spaghetti which also forms the eyes :D


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