Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Bento#May07~Happy Girl Kyaraben

 My kids requested spaghetti for lunch today so I thought of making Happy Girl Kyaraben with spaghetti as her long golden hair ^_^ I separated the tomato pasta sauce with minced meat at another sauce container. Pretty container too small so I used the normal transparent container and put Hello Kitty furikake on top :)
I mashed the cooked sweet potato and rolled into a ball as girl face and two cute hands as well :) I tied the cooked spaghetti as braided hair and add some front fringe. To made her wearing cute dress, I add the white crabstick for body and trim the red part as top dress. Next, I add some lettuce for skirt and add red dots as poker dots dress :) Freehand cut nori for eyes, lashes, nose and lips. Lastly, add some hair band and knots for golden hair. Ketchup for cheeks and add cupcake pick for cute touch :p
To made the flower, I used flower cutter to cut out honeydew melon. Insert a pick and let it stand on cucumber. Flower egg sheet underneath and I add bee pick ^_^
I hope you will like today's lunch bento~Happy Girl Kyaraben~ Cheers!


  1. I like the way you did the braids! so neat! :)

  2. Agree! amazing how you can braid the spaghetti! pretty!


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