Monday, 6 May 2013

Bento#May06~Bear Makisushi

Today's lunch box I made Bear Makisushi. Last night didn't sleep well so this morning woke up not sure what to make....Anyway, I know my kids surely happy to see sushi in their bento box ^_^
To made the bear, I mixed the rice with dark sweet sauce and shape it. Rolled the bear with white rice and finished with the details. I cut heart shape carrot for bear mouth using cutter and punch the nori for mouth and eyes. Next to makisushi, I prepared tamagoyaki, ham as flower, kamaboko, broccoli and crabstick with egg sheet as apple.
Another container, I add some Korean Strawberries and grapes. Sweet sauce at bunny sauce container and a packet of furikake.
I hope you will like today's Bear Makisushi bento. Have a great day to all! Cheers!


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