Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bento#April23~Shaun & Piano the Sheep

I am so tired today =_=" After finished cooking dinner for my family, I quickly do a simple bento snack for my girl. I wanted to use Piano the Sheep nori (already nicely trim and comes with My Melody nori) So for her snack, I made two different sheep! Piano the Sheep & Shaun the Sheep ^_^ Peanut butter sandwiches underneath.
Put Piano the Sheep on top of cheese and use toothpick to trim out. Add the eyes and nose that comes together with the packet. As for Shaun the Sheep, I used cutter to cut out the cheese for body and freehand cut out nori for head and legs. Add in small cheese eyeballs using cutter as well and punch out nori eyes. 
For her desserts, I add strawberries and grapes. Mini cupcakes underneath the sweet cake from Japan. Nothing special but at least I did some theme bento snack for her :) Cheers!


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