Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bento#April23~Angry Bird Sushi

Yesterday my kids requested sushi for school lunch so today's lunch I made Angry Bird Sushi ^_^ I want to match with other Angry Birds fishcakes so I thought of create Blue Angry Bird Sushi.
 My blue pea flower hasn't bloom so I used blue furikake and mixed with rice then roll with nori. Freehand cut out nori tail, mouth line and hair. As for nori eyes I used puncher. To made the white/red eyeballs, I used straw to cut the crabstick. Can't find the suitable size so the straw size was prefect! Freehand knife cut for the mouth then add nori for the line.
Tamagoyaki cut into heart shape, kamaboko, french beans, sausage and Angry Bird fishcakes. All arranged into the bento box. Sweet sauce and some strawberries at another top container. I hope you will like this Angry Bird Sushi theme bento ^_^ Cheers!


  1. wow, so cute ur Angry Bird sushi rolls... I love it!!
    and u rolled them so nice :O

    1. aww...thank you so much Michelle for your kind words!


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