Monday, 22 April 2013

Bento#April22A~Hello Kitty in Totoro costume

I still have some homebaked banana cake so this round I just decorate Totoro as balloon on top and Hello Kitty in Totoro costume.
Totoro costume is red bean bun. I trim away the skin part for Hello Kitty face and used the skin as Totoro's ears. Finished all the nori and cheese for details. For Totoro whiskers, I toasted spaghetti and cut of into few pieces. (I didn't pay attention at the toaster oven so a bit over toasted!)
 Tototro balloon made from cheese and nori. Just add the pick as balloon strings! 
Lastly, add two mini cupcakes and some marshmallows. I hope you will like this simple idea of Hello Kitty in Totoro costume ^_^ Cheers!

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